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Crafty Bear was started in early January  2018. With over 18 years in the hospitality industry the move towards opening my very own brewery was a long time dream come true.Our love for good beer and the fun in making it is what makes our beers stand out.
If you love Craft beer your gonna love Crafty Bear


Our Products

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This Belgian Blonde has Smooth rounded flavours. Moderate grain sweetness balanced by medium bitterness from a combination of alcohol and hops. Notes of soft caramelisation and sweetness. Lightly hopped with Citra to allow some zest to come through gently, along with some earth and spice. Yeast character is mellow but subtle with a fruity smell often perceived as orange-like or lemony. Finish is moderately dry, Some warming alcohol character should be noticeable in the aftertaste.

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These products are one of our most popular and are currently available to buy in store. With the greatest variety available, you can be sure we have what you need. Stop by Crafty Bear Brewing today to learn more.

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West Coast IPA 330ml can

A straight-up IPA at 6% ABV. It's a darkish amber colour and slightly murky with it. The aroma is a lovely blend of orange fruit, Christmas spices and dry minerals, old school yet bright and fresh. It tastes heavy and funky, packed with greasy resins. The mineral side is strongly accentuated, adding to the hop bitterness, so a sip starts on summer fruit, sails past oily winter herbs.

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Full Stout Ahead

A smooth chocolate stout using cocoa nibs to dry hop it, giving it a beautiful creamy stout mouthfeel on every sip. The complex malt bill is not shy and you can slowly pull apart the roasted barley, chocolate malt and the crystals all lingering in the background of every sip. With it coming in at 7.5%, this is a perfect sipper.

New World hazy Pale 440ml

A refreshing combination of mango and pineapple with a generous dose of citrus. Light bodied with a honeyed malt undertone leaves you with a creamy bodied mouth feel from the wheat malt. Hoped heavy with El dorado and Citra to leave you with pale ale juice bomb


Case West Coast IPA 24 cans



Case Bimbo's Imperial Red 24 cans



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